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How SellerSonar helps protect and grow your Amazon business?

  • Automated alerts

    Stop wasting your time on endless inspections of your listings! Our Amazon product tracking tool will let you know if something goes wrong.

  • Safe sales

    Someone tries to ruin your precious listings? React immediately to prevent any damage!

  • Review monitoring

    Set alerts to keep track of new positive and critical reviews and guard your reputation with our Amazon review checker.

  • Product history

    Analyze how changes on the product detail page influence the sales and conversion rate of your listings.

  • Keyword tracking

    Use our Amazon keyword tool to track search rank for keyword phrases and check keyword ranking history.

We support all Amazon marketplaces

How SellerSonar product tracker works?

  • 1 line line Our system detect changes
    • Title changes

      Title changes may negatively impact listing rankings and decrease traffic
    • Bullet point changes

      Bullet changes may contain inaccurate information that affects listing conversion
    • Product description changes

      Even a single restricted word in a listing may result in its suppression and loss of sales
    • Product image changes

      Non-relevant or image of bad quality may confuse a customer and affect the click-through rate
    • Parent ASIN changes

      Changing the ASIN may affect the number or relevance of product reviews
  • 2 line line We send you an automated alert

    You may turn on/off any of standard alrts at any time

  • 3 line You avoid the crisis and loss of buyers

    Our alerts help you to react quickly and solve the problems before any damage is made

Hijacker & Sales Alerts

Don’t let unauthorized sellers sell a counterfeit or similar version of your private label product. Minimize the risk of losing sales and valuable customers. Get Amazon alerts on email when:

  • New seller appeared on the listing

  • Buy Box lost to another seller

  • Competing seller price changes


Product listing alerts

The hijacking of Amazon listings is a common technique among unscrupulous competitors. Their actions may disrupt your sales and harm your account’s reputation. Our automated Amazon alerts won’t let them ruin your business!

  • Product description changes

  • Product image changes

  • New question added to Q&A

  • Listing suspended/restored

  • Out of stock alerts

  • Rating score changes


Product review alerts

Both Amazon beginners and professionals know the importance of good reviews. Our automated Amazon software monitors your listings 24/7 with zero effort from your part.

  • New review received

  • Review removed/changed

  • A critical review gets voted


Keyword Tracking

Track keywords that have the highest selling potential for your products. With the right keyword ranking software, your sales will increase on an ongoing basis. Get Amazon alerts when:

  • Track search rank for keyword phrases

  • Keyword rankings history


Bestseller Badges and Category Alerts

Amazon BSR aka Amazon Best Seller Rank is your chance to stand out of the crowd and grab the attention of potential buyers. Don’t miss a moment when your BSR increases or decreases drastically to change your selling strategy and gain more sales!

  • Main category changes

  • Sub-category changes

  • Best Seller Badge lost or gained





Additional ASIN - 10cents/mo

Additional keyword - 1cent/mo

10 ASINs

50 keywords

Only new review

No grafics

No competitors

No ad rank

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Additional ASIN - 10cents/mo

Additional keyword - 1cent/mo

30 ASINs

100 keywords

Only new review

No grafics


No ad rank

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Additional ASIN - 10cents/mo

Additional keyword - 1cent/mo

100 ASINs

500 keywords

Total review



Ad rank

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Want to protect your Amazon business from hijackers once and for all?

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FAQ about SellerSonar product tracker

  • Why use SellerSonar when I can set up account alerts in Seller Central?

    Amazon account notifications don't cover all the necessary metrics that you should track to protect your business from hijackers, loss of sales, etc.

  • How does SellerSonar work?

    SellerSonar algorithms constantly monitor and process data from Amazon to generate notifications and send alerts important for you. SellerSonar doesn't have access to your Amazon account and never changes anything in it, so it's safe to use SellerSonar in all cases.

  • Why is being notified of critical events is key for your Amazon business?

    There are a few events that a good Amazon seller can’t miss, among them are losing the Buy Box to a hijacker or another seller, or having your product suppressed. In addition to that, you can track many other key parameters of your product listings and your competitors, such as when your product becomes a top seller, or when your main competitor drops their price, and much more.

  • What marketplaces does your Amazon product tracker support?

    We support all current Amazon marketplaces and add new Amazon marketplaces as soon as they are launched.

  • Can I use your Amazon product tracking software to monitor competitors’ products?

    Yes, you can track your products as well as your competitors' products and rankings.