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Stay always aware of your seller ranking with the best Amazon BSR tracker and adjust your selling strategies accordingly.

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How Does Amazon Best Seller Rank Tool Work?


Our tool ongoingly analyzes your seller and product rankings.


You get Amazon product BSR alerts via email.

Stay informed about the changes in your product’s main category or subcategories and Amazon BSR Badge lost or gained cases.


Proceed with resolving an issue instantly, and keep running your business successfully.

Benefits of Using Amazon Product Ranking Tracker by SellerSonar


The Best Seller Badge is a strong social proof

Best Seller Badge is a sign of trust, credibility, and excellent customer service, and that’s why it works as a strong social proof. We will notify you instantly when it is gained or lost.


You always have to adjust your strategy according to your Best Seller Ranking

When your seller’s ranking increases or decreases suddenly, you have to act ASAP.

A sudden decrease may be a sign your competitors are trying to drown down your business by changing your product category or subcategory, hijacking your listings, lowering the prices, or spamming with fake and negative reviews.

SellerSonar Amazon’s product ranking tool can help you handle all the above cases effectively and instantly.

You can promptly react to BSR changes with comprehensive alerts

SellerSonar constantly analyzes product listings, monitors your sales rank on Amazon, and sends notifications about Best Seller Badge changes. Along with alerts, you get tips on why&how to fix issues.


Amazon Best Seller Rank Tool in Questions and Answers

How to get the Best Seller Badge on Amazon?

Long story short, you have to sell the greatest number of products in a specific category. What’s more, our Amazon ranking tracker comes with an ultimate set of features to help you with this task. Using our Amazon BSR software gives you a possibility to ongoingly monitor your product and seller rankings, get instantly notified when a new positive, negative or neutral review appears, keep track of price changes, analyze keywords rankings, and get suppressed listings alerts.

How many ASINs can I monitor with SellerSonar?

This depends on which package you get. However, our tool gives you an opportunity to monitor an unlimited number of ASINs.
Our standard plans allow monitoring up to 500 ASINs. If you need more, contact us, and we’ll offer you an individual plan for any number of ASINs you need.

I have several Amazon accounts. Will that influence the work of SellerSonar?

No, with SellerSonar you can monitor any number of ASINs on multiple accounts without any issues.

Does SellerSonar work with all types of Amazon accounts (Vendor Central, Vendor Express, Seller Central)?

Yes, the account type doesn’t matter since SellerSonar monitors ASINs without integrations with your Amazon dashboard.

We support all Amazon marketplaces!


SellerSonar Unique Features

  • SellerSonar allows tracking more ASINs and keywords in comparison with other Amazon listing software.

  • Our Amazon product alert tool monitors all important parameters every 35-60 minutes.

  • You get Amazon review alerts instantly and may proceed with resolving an issue ASAP.

  • You don’t have to connect your Amazon account to use SellerSonar - your privacy is our priority.

  • We constantly update our software so that sellers can run their businesses in the most effective and smartest way possible.

  • You may track both your and competitors’ ASINs for numerous parameters.

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