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Protect your Amazon listing from being hijacked. Get instant alerts when unauthorized sellers try to sell counterfeit or similar versions of your products.

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How to Deal with Amazon Hijackers with SellerSonar?


Our tool ongoingly analyzes your product listings and identifies the cases of Amazon listing hijacking.


You get Amazon real-time hijacker alerts via email.

Rest easy with the assurance that all your product listings are safe day and night.


Proceed with resolving an issue instantly, and keep running your business successfully.

Why Getting an Amazon Hijacker Alert is Important for Your Business?


Protect your brand reputation

Amazon hijackers offer cheap and low-quality goods very similar to yours. Your customers can be lured by the low price and seemingly good quality but as a result, they will be disappointed by the purchase and leave a bad review, harming your reputation and brand image.

Prevent price damping

price damping

Protect your Amazon marketing content

Stealing marketing content such as your images and descriptions is another dishonest trick. Prevent hijackers from entering your listing and using your copy for promoting their counterfeiters.

Low prices and deep discounts are the most famous practices to compete on Amazon. Staying aware of price changes and potential hijacking is your opportunity to prevent it or deal with it ASAP.

Avoid manual tracking

Tracking Amazon hijacking manually is almost impossible, especially when you have a lot of listings. Our tool offers the opportunity to get automated alerts and act promptly in response to them.

Stay updated on the business environment

With SellerSonar, you can not only track hijacking attempts but also monitor price changes, suppressed listings, keyword rankings, and new reviews.

How to Deal with Amazon Hijackers in
Questions and Answers

Why Amazon Buy Box alerts are necessary?

80% of Amazon sales come from the Buy Box. To put it simply, this is the most important element on Amazon's website that drives conversions and sales. Being constantly featured in a Buy Box is the top way to succeed in this marketplace so you are better to stay always updated.
Unfortunately, Amazon will not send you an email alerting in this case. How to get an alert if you lost a Buy Box? The only way is to use a dedicated Amazon hijacker detect tool, like Seller Sonar.

Is hijacking Amazon listings illegal?

Yes, it’s illegal to sell counterfeit products or Amazon private label items without brand owner approval. But there are millions of Amazon listings on the marketplace, and Amazon can’t handle all of them on its own. That’s why it’s necessary to use additional Amazon hijacker alert services, like SellerSonar.

How to deal with Amazon hijackers?

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent their actions. However, you can remove Amazon hijackers from your listing. The first step is to set up hijacker alerts and act quickly. Then send the hijacker a Cease & Desist letter and if no response is received, file a complaint with Amazon.

How often does SellerSonar monitor listings?

We carefully check all the specified parameters every hour, and if something is changed, the system will immediately send you an Amazon buy box alert or ASIN hijacking notification.

We support all Amazon marketplaces!


SellerSonar Unique Features

  • SellerSonar allows tracking more ASINs and keywords in comparison with other Amazon listing software.

  • Our Amazon product alert tool monitors all important parameters every 35-60 minutes.

  • You get Amazon review alerts instantly and may proceed with resolving an issue ASAP.

  • You don’t have to connect your Amazon account to use SellerSonar - your privacy is our priority.

  • We constantly update our software so that sellers can run their businesses in the most effective and smartest way possible.

  • You may track both your and competitors’ ASINs for numerous parameters.

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