Instant Amazon alerts to protect your sales


Be aware of all listing changes, Buybox hijackers, new/deleted reviews, keyword rank history, and product suppressions with smart Amazon notifications.

  • No credit card required

  • No access to SellerCentral needed

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Amazon software that automates metrics monitoring

Set up Amazon alerts and track changes in any product on Amazon without connecting the Seller Central account

  • Product listing alerts

    Monitor changes to your products. Get alerts on changes of product titles, images, new sellers, Best Sellers Rank (BSR) drops, and much more.

  • Buy box price chart

    Monitor Buy Box within certain periods of time to get the full picture of its prices. Check price charts for the past 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your plan.

  • Competitor monitoring

    Seeing the big picture gives you a competitive edge. Track competitor ratings and prices, monitor reviews and BSR charts to keep tabs on all the competitor products.

  • Product review alerts

    Get alerts on all new Amazon product reviews. Track star rating changes, history of deleted reviews, and all changes in top reviews.

  • Product history charts

    Track your rankings with the best Amazon BSR tracker and adjust your selling strategies accordingly. Analyze product rating and BSR charts to get more insights on your listings performance.

  • Keyword rank tracker

    Analyze keyword rank history, uncover profitable keywords, and track sponsored rankings. Identify your competitors’ high-traffic keywords.

Our AMZ tracker helps sellers on all marketplaces

How does Amazon seller tool work?

SellerSonar tracks all critical Amazon product changes and sends real-time AMZ alerts so you can handle them fast

  • 1 Add your store or ASINs for monitoring
    • 1-minute Setup

    • No access to SellerCentral needed

  • 2 Our Amazon tool detects changes
    • Product title changes

      Hijackers or competitors can change your product's title and cause a listing's suspension or downgrading in search results. Besides, Amazon may suppress ASINs from its search when titles don't comply with its requirements.
    • Product bullets changes

      Bullet changes might contain incorrect information or prohibited words, for example, associated with pesticides. As a result, it may affect the listing's conversion or cause its suspension.
    • Product description changes

      Hijackers or competitors can change, delete or add an irrelevant description to your products. Even the slightest change might cause product listing suppression and loss of sales.
    • Product image changes

      Hijackers or competitors can add an irrelevant product image or image of bad quality. It may confuse your customers, affect the click-through rate, and decrease sales.
    • Parent ASIN changes

      Changing the Parent ASIN causes the display of irrelevant reviews on the product's page. As a result, buyers leave the page, and sales drop. What is more, Amazon might suppress such ASINs.
    • and more!
  • 3 We send you an automated alert

    Every time the system detects a change on a parameter you track, you’ll get an instant email alert. You can turn on/off and customize the AMZ tracker’s alerts for any product you’re monitoring at any time.

  • 4 You avoid critical issues and loss of buyers

    Our alerts help you to react quickly. You’ll solve all the problems before any damage is made. Never miss a critical change in any listing again.

Track all critical Amazon metrics on a single dashboard

Hijacker Alerts

Get rid of hijackers and never lose a profit anymore. Track when your competitors change their prices and minimize the risk of losing sales.

  • The new seller appears on the listing

  • The existing seller is removed from the listing

  • Competing sellers change prices

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Smart product listing alerts

Get notifications about any Amazon product changes

  • Product title and description changes

  • Product image changes (main and additional)

  • New question added to Q&A

  • Out of stock alerts

  • Lost from search alerts

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Amazon Product Reviews & Rating Alerts

Don’t miss new reviews or significant changes in a reviews count. Get Amazon product review alerts with zero effort from your side.

  • New review appeared

  • Review removed

  • Review title/description changed

  • A critical review gets a vote

  • Star rating changes

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Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker

Track keyword performance for any Amazon product over time. Analyze the keyword rank history to evaluate your ranking strategies.

  • Track keyword rankings for your products

  • Track keyword rankings for competitor products


    This function will be available in an upcoming release
  • Check keyword rankings history

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Best Seller Badge, Category, and BSR Alerts

Track your or competitors' Amazon BSR to be aware of sales trends. Get notified about Amazon Choice or Best Seller badge assignments.

  • Main category changes

  • Sub-category changes

  • Best Seller Badge lost or gained

  • Amazon Choice Badge lost or gained

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Amazon price change alerts

Never lose sales due to the competitors' pricing changes. Set Amazon price change alerts to always stay competitive on pricing and constantly monitor your competitors' pricing strategies.

  • Monitor prices for any Amazon product 24/7

  • Track exact matches or absolute and relative price changes

  • Get price alerts instantly and adapt pricing strategies

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Amazon Product Suppression Alerts

Suppressed Amazon listings don't bring you sales. Our tool will send you instant suppressed Amazon listing alerts so you can immediately investigate the issue and get back to selling.

  • Track an unlimited number of ASINs and keywords for Amazon listing suppressions

  • Monitor product listings on Amazon 24/7

  • Get alerts of Amazon listing suppression instantly

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Additional ASIN - 10cents/mo

Additional keyword - 1cent/mo

10 ASINs

50 keywords

Review notifications

Competitor Monitoring

Product Charts

Review history

Ad rankings

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Additional ASIN - 10cents/mo

Additional keyword - 1cent/mo

30 ASINs

100 keywords

Review notifications

Competitor Monitoring

Product Charts till 30 Days

Review history

Ad rankings

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Additional ASIN - 10cents/mo

Additional keyword - 1cent/mo

100 ASINs

500 keywords

Review notifications

Competitor Monitoring

Product Charts

Review history

Ad rankings

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Track and protect your financial success on Amazon

Join SellerSonar!

  • 90-day free trial

  • 1-minute Setup

  • No credit card required

  • No access to SellerCentral needed

SellerSonar Amazon Tracking Software FAQ

  • Do I need to share my SellerCentral account?

    SellerSonar doesn't access your Amazon account and never changes anything in it, so it's 100% safe to use SellerSonar.

  • How does this tracker for Amazon work?

    SellerSonar algorithms constantly monitor and process data from Amazon to generate notifications and send alerts for your or any other products on Amazon.

  • Why use SellerSonar when I can set up alerts in Seller Central?

    Amazon account notifications don't cover all the important metrics you should track to protect your Amazon FBA business, like hijacker alerts, title, bullets, image, description changes, BSR changes, etc.

  • Why tracking critical changes is vital for your Amazon business?

    There are numerous essential events you cannot miss when selling on Amazon. For example, losing the Buy Box to a hijacker, a new seller in your listings, having your product suppressed, etc. You also can track and quickly act on other events, such as when your product gets a Bestseller badge or a competitor drops their prices trying to get an advantage.

  • Can I use your Amazon research tool to track competitors’ products?

    Yes! SellerSonar can track any product on Amazon, including your competitors, and send instant alerts on any change related to them.

  • Does SellerSonar work for both Seller Central and Vendor Central?

    Absolutely! SellerSonar works for any Amazon products, regardless of the selling account, making it one of the best Amazon seller software.

  • How often does SellerSonar check my Amazon listings and send alerts?

    SellerSonar monitors your listings every 60 minutes. In its turn, our Amazon rank tracker checks keyword rankings two times per day. It makes our Amazon seller tools software one of the fastest Amazon listing monitoring software on the market.

  • Is it possible to change default notification settings for Amazon alerts?

    Yes! You can set up specific rules depending on what type of alerts on your products you want to receive.