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The Best Amazon Product Tracker For Your Business

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Stay fully aware of the slightest changes in your Amazon business environment with our Amazon product tracker. Our solution detects and notifies you of any issues that may be potentially harmful to your sales and online reputation!

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How Amazon Product Tracking Software Keeps You Updated?


After adding products, our Amazon tracker detects:

  • Title changes

  • Bullet point changes

  • Product description changes

  • Product image changes

  • Parent ASIN changes

  • New question added to Q&A

  • Product listing suspensions & suppressions

  • Out of stock alerts

  • Reviews number changes

  • Product rating changes

  • New top-rated reviews, including the negative ones


You get an instant notification for smooth Amazon sales tracking.

Alerts are available via email or directly in your SellerSonar account.


Check details for your product listings alerts to see the bigger picture.

Learn why the issue occurred and how to fix it. Here's an example...



Proceed with resolving an issue instantly, protecting your online reputation, and keep running your business successfully.


Why Ongoing Amazon Product Tracking Is Crucial?


Stay aware and protected from the black hat competition

Not all Amazon sellers are equally honest. With our tool, you can protect your business from fake reviews, unauthorized listing changes, and other illegal practices.

Keep track of listing changes and sudden suspensions

Even the slightest change may affect your product visibility and sales. It also influences your buyers’ impression and final decision.

Make sure your items are always in stock

Getting out of stock is one of the most critical issues for product rankings. Make sure your products are always available for sale with our tool for Amazon.

Monitor your product rating

Keeping a product rating high is important for motivating your buyers to order from you. Our tool helps with Improving your customer service, instantly responding to negative reviews, and identifying fake ones.

Answer your buyers’ questions instantly

Show them you care and actually help. And do your best to be the first to answer their questions.

Export and analyze data

Export the data about monitored items in CSV or XLSX formats. Get access to the ASIN’s price, currency, marketplace, sellers, selling method, storage fee, the minimal price for 30 days, and other metrics.

Download all your alerts

Filter and export notifications for all monitored products in a single file. Get a report of product listing notifications with an indication of ASIN, marketplace, and notification type.


Amazon ASIN Tracker in Questions and Answers

Why use the SellerSonar Amazon item tracker if I can set account alerts on Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon product analytics that Seller Central provides isn’t enough to stay fully informed, get instant notifications, and take measures to protect your business ASAP.

Is your best Amazon product tracker actually the best?

Yes, we have created Amazon item tracking tool to meet the needs of Amazon sellers and provide them with a set of solutions for competitors tracking and analysis, plus online reputation management. To unlock these opportunities, you don’t even need to connect your Amazon account. Still, you will be able to track much more ASINs and keywords, plus stay updated on negative, fake, and deleted reviews.

I have 500 ASINs. Can I get a discount or a custom plan?

Get in touch with us, and we will find an option that suits your business the best way.

What marketplaces does your product tracker for Amazon support?

We support all current Amazon marketplaces and add new Amazon marketplaces as soon as they are launched.

Can I use your Amazon product tracking software to monitor competitors’ products?

You not only can. You are welcome to do it with our Amazon ASIN tracker. You just need to add a list of ASINs or competitor’s store ID and we will keep track of all product listings.

We support all Amazon marketplaces!


SellerSonar Unique Features

  • SellerSonar allows tracking more ASINs and keywords in comparison with other Amazon listing software.

  • Our Amazon product alert tool monitors all important parameters every 35-60 minutes.

  • You get Amazon review alerts instantly and may proceed with resolving an issue ASAP.

  • You don’t have to connect your Amazon account to use SellerSonar - your privacy is our priority.

  • We constantly update our software so that sellers can run their businesses in the most effective and smartest way possible.

  • You may track both your and competitors’ ASINs for numerous parameters.

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