Product research for Amazon FBA is crucial to any business. Proper product research helps companies understand the best items to sell on the platform and forecast which tendencies are worth concentrating on. It is a procedure of studying market trends and selecting products that will move best. However, selling in the marketplace is more complicated than simply providing desirable items. With high demand comes higher competition.

The saturated Amazon platform might be challenging to succeed in, mainly as a new AMZ merchant competing against big and established brands. Taking some time to conduct product research will give you data points to make proper decisions rather than chasing market tendencies without clear direction.

This blog post will simplify the search process by showing you how to find profitable products to sell on AMZ. So, keep on reading!

 What ​​Is Product Research on Amazon? 

Product research is the procedure of studying and verifying the profitable potential of a particular product. The main goal of the process is for the seller to gain a clear idea of how successful offering a specific item might be — before you start selling it.

When you complete your product research, you will learn the following:

  • The total size and demand for a product in the marketplace.
  • How competitive an item is and who your main competitors are.
  • How demand for the item changes over time.
  • How much you can earn from selling the item.
  • How much it costs to source the item from suppliers.

Why Is It Essential to Do Amazon FBA Product Research? 

Amazon is extremely crowded and fiercely competitive. Therefore, deciding to sell some things based only on what “your intuition tells you” is the main mistake you can make as a merchant. 

You might be stuck with an item that does not sell. Thus, you will easily lose your money instead of earning it with AMZ’s numerous fees. They vary from account commissions to the cost of storing inventory in their fulfillment centers, especially if you pick to use the FBA fulfillment option.

Your products will only sell if you do the right research to learn which items are profitable. Also, you may save money and time by selecting goods that stand out, making a decent listing that potential clients will see, and promoting your products. 

You will need to determine if clients will buy your merchandise to avoid spending all your resources on nothing. 

Amazon FBA product research can help you in the following:

  • Determining comparable goods;
  • Testing the viability of your items;
  • Developing the most efficient strategies to source, produce, and sell an item;
  • Ensuring there is demand for your products;
  • Estimating the price that customers will pay;
  • Avoiding making pricey mistakes;
  • Spotting any potential problems the item may have;
  • Identifying the errors and strategies of your competitors.

How to Do Product Research for Amazon FBA? 

There are many strategies to find profitable goods to sell on AMZ. A quick overview of the main methods is the following:

Manual approach

The manual approach is simple, but it’s also the most hands-on and time-consuming. The method involves checking the best-sellers list and searching for trends on the platform.

Automatic approach

The automatic strategy uses tools and services that do the research for you. Fortunately, you can use many great product tools; you just need to look. Even free product research options are available if you cannot make extra expenses.

Finding trustworthy suppliers

Having trustworthy suppliers as an AMZ merchant is crucial – after all, what are you going to do if you do not have consistent access to what is necessary to make your items? Moreover, suppliers can inform you what’s trending now and can be a success on AMZ. There’s no right or wrong method to find a manufacturer that fits your needs, so you can try databases, fairs, and trade shows. 

Checking Google Trends

Google Trends is a service that determines the popularity of a keyword on Google. If it ranks as high as 100, the product is very popular. The bigger the number, the more trending your item is.

Reviewing Trending Lists on eBay

Although you may wish to sell on AMZ, eBay can become a goldmine of product information. An item will likely sell well on AMZ if available and move well on eBay. The platform’s lists are useful for your product investigation as you can go to the site to browse all popular item discounts in your categories. Even though not every item will meet your search requirements, it is a great spot to find popular goods you can source and offer on Amazon.

Tips for Research on Amazon

Check out some extra tips that have been key to our personal experience of identifying great items to sell on the platform:

Spy on other sellers’ new ideas and follow market trends

Spying on other sellers is an effortless way to develop new product ideas. Of course, you still need to conduct your own research, but seeing what your competitors are doing can be a good starting point for sourcing new goods.

Another easy way to source fresh ideas is to keep up with the latest eCommerce and Amazon trends. Different product databases can help identify trending products with positive tendencies in sales growth over a couple of months.

Predict potential profits and track pricing changes

Low pricing is one of the main reasons clients love to buy on AMZ. Because many customers are searching for the best deal, it’s common for merchants to try to price their goods as low as possible. It leads to frequent shifts in pricing across the marketplace.

When considering selling some product, you need to be aware of pricing fluctuations. It will help you forecast future earnings more accurately. For instance, if pricing across a niche lowers during the holiday season, you will know to forecast fewer profits per order during this time of the year.

Pro tip: SellerSonar’s pricing tracking will provide crucial insights into your customer’s choices and preferences. You can track the prices of any monitored products 24/7 and adjust your strategy to save or boost sales and avoid BSR drops. You will get price change notifications for unlimited ASINs to suggest the best options for your clients. Moreover, you can check how your price changes over time and adapt your sales and marketing efforts with the tool’s Buy Box price charts. 

Use a product tracker tool

Wondering how to find goods to sell on AMZ? An Amazon product tracker can help you source items in high demand. There are different services to choose from, providing different features and statistics. However, most such tools let you filter best-selling goods and display historical sales volumes, so merchants can see how sales fluctuate from month to month. 

With SellerSonar, you can spot which brands and products are most popular to inform your merchandise selection better. You can monitor any listing in the Amazon marketplace, including price, rating, and review quantity, as well as descriptions, bullet points, and images. Such features make it easy for you to notice where you have some potential to get selling points against other merchants.

Check the “Customers Also Bought” and “Frequently Bought Together” tabs

A good research approach is to check the sub-listings, which may provide helpful product inspiration. It won’t only help you apprehend the thought and shopping process of your potential customers, but it will also allow you to launch an original product bundle. 

One awesome item that can be a best-seller might be created by combining items bought together on AMZ. Good that clients have bought with them are probably quite common. Such goods can be analyzed on their own, mixed into a “bundle,” or sourced and sold separately.

What to Look for During Your FBA Product Research? 

Below is a convenient checklist to verify the results of your product research. We’ve collected recommended parameters for a product that is likely to succeed on Amazon:

  • An item is priced between $10 to $50;
  • An item generates ten sales a day and more;
  • An item has a BSR of 5,000 in its main category;
  • An item’s highest-ranked search terms gain 50,000+ monthly searches;
  • An item has more than fifty positive reviews on the first product page;
  • You can sell the item for at least 25% less than the average price;
  • An item has low seasonality;
  • An item is not heavy or oversized;
  • An item cannot be easily broken;
  • An item is not overly complex to assemble;
  • An item is not associated with any trademarks or brand names;
  • You can improve or upgrade an item;
  • An item that stands out;
  • An item with a recurring sales potential;
  • An item with no legal issues.

Product Research on Amazon: Final Thoughts

Product research is crucial to eCommerce success. Brands that thoroughly search for products are more likely to offer something that clients want, which can get more profits. 

When it comes to running a business on Amazon, there are several essential things to consider before deciding to source a product. During your research, you need to consider the following about your item:

  • Are you going to sell profitable and in-demand products?
  • Have you researched your products and your competitors thoroughly?
  • Once you have decided on your products, have you made an attractive and optimized listing?

If your answer to all of the above is yes, you are in a good place – just keep in mind that even doing your research does not guarantee success on the platform. Nonetheless, hopefully, with these recommendations, you will save yourself a lot of hassle.

Additionally, you can give our Amazon listing monitoring software a go. With a free 29-day trial and a 2-minute sign-up process, there is no reason not to at least try it.