Are you a seller on Amazon eager to enhance your business? Or interested in becoming a Vine Amazon reviewer to enjoy exclusive perks? You’re in the right place! This write-up explores the program, highlighting its significance for product reviews. Learn how this program can be a game-changer for sellers like yourself, boosting both sales and reputation on Amazon. Get ready to uncover the unique advantages offered by this solution!

What Is Amazon Vine?

So, what is Amazon Vine? Amazon Vine is a program designed to facilitate and encourage genuine product reviews on the platform. It operates by selecting trusted and experienced reviewers, known as Vine Voices, who receive free products from participating vendors. These reviewers then share their honest opinions and feedback about the products they’ve received.

The goal of the program is to provide valuable, unbiased insights to help both customers and sellers make informed decisions. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of Amazon’s review system by ensuring that reviews come from verified and reliable sources.

Joining Amazon Vine

Becoming an Amazon Vine program reviewer involves a curated process, ensuring that insightful opinions come from trusted sources. Here’s a guide on how to secure an invitation and join this influential community.

How to get invited to Amazon Vine

  1. Establish a Strong Profile:

To kickstart your journey, focus on building a dependable customer profile. Engage in meaningful reviews and maintain an active history of product purchases.

  1. Achieve Reviewer Status:

Prove your commitment to delivering insightful reviews across diverse product categories. Consistency in your reviewing endeavors establishes you as a reliable reviewer.

  1. Gain Helpful Votes:

Encourage fellow customers to vote on the helpfulness of your reviews. Positive votes contribute to your visibility and credibility as a trusted reviewer.

  1. Optimize Your AMZ Profile Settings:

Keep your profile up-to-date with relevant interests and preferences. This enhances your profile’s appeal and increases your chances of being selected for the program.

How to join the program and become a reviewer

Follow these step-by-step guidelines to position yourself for an invitation to the program and join a community dedicated to delivering trustworthy reviews.

  1. Wait for an Invitation:

It operates on an invitation-only basis. Eligible individuals will receive an invitation based on their reviewer status and engagement history.

  1. Accept the Invitation:

Once invited, promptly follow the provided instructions for your Amazon Vine sign-in and embark on your journey as a Vine Voice.

  1. Select Categories of Interest:

Tailor your AMZ experience by choosing the product categories you’re most interested in. This ensures that the products you review align with your preferences.

  1. Receive and Review Products:

Enjoy the privilege of receiving free products from participating vendors. Your role is to review these products honestly and comprehensively on the platform.

  1. Maintain Active Participation:

Sustain your engagement with the program by consistently reviewing products and providing valuable feedback. Active participation enhances your standing within the community.

How Amazon Vine Works

It’s a sophisticated program meticulously designed to enhance the credibility of product reviews on the AMZ platform. The operation of this system involves several key elements:

  1. Selection of Vine Voices

Amazon’s algorithm identifies and invites esteemed reviewers, referred to as Vine Voices, based on their demonstrated commitment to providing insightful and helpful reviews. The selection process considers factors such as reviewer status, the number of helpful votes received, and overall engagement within the community.

  1. Invitation-Only Access

Participation is a privilege extended solely through invitation. Once identified as a potential Vine Voice, individuals receive an official invitation, granting them exclusive access to the program’s benefits.

  1. Product Distribution

Participating vendors collaborate with AMZ to distribute complimentary products to reviewers across diverse categories. The objective is to gather genuine and unbiased feedback, contributing to the overall transparency of product reviews.

  1. Honest and Comprehensive Reviews

Voices play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of the review system by providing honest and comprehensive evaluations of the products they receive. Their reviews serve as valuable resources for other customers seeking informed purchasing decisions.

  1. Limited Timeframe

Vine Voices are typically assigned a specific timeframe within which they must submit their assessments to ensure the relevance and timeliness of reviews. This temporal aspect ensures that the reviews accurately reflect the current performance of the products.

  1. Number of Reviewers 

The precise number of reviewers within the solution can vary, adapting dynamically to different product categories and the level of vendor participation. AMZ strives to foster a diverse and extensive community of Vine Voices to cover a broad spectrum of products, enhancing the program’s effectiveness.

  1. Requirements for the Number of Reviews to Participate in the Program

Unlike setting a specific numerical threshold for reviews, the program focuses on the quality and helpfulness of a reviewer’s contributions. There isn’t a fixed number of reviews required to participate; instead, AMZ looks for individuals with a consistent history of providing valuable insights across various product categories. 

Registration in Amazon Vine

To join the program as a seller, you must have an established selling history on Amazon and meet the eligibility requirements for listing your products. Follow these steps to become a part of the community:

  • Build a Selling History

Commence selling your products on Amazon to create a track record of successful sales. This establishes your reputation and trustworthiness as a seller. Also, you need to be registered for the Amazon Brand Registry. 

  • Offer Eligible Products

Ensure that the products you wish to enroll in Amazon Vine adhere to the program’s criteria. Not all products are eligible, so carefully review the guidelines before applying to guarantee your products meet the requirements: 

  • – “Adult” products are not allowed.
  • – Only products already launched can enroll.
  • – You must have enough inventory for your product.
  • – Your listing must include an image and a description.
  • Apply for the Program

Once you have a selling history and eligible products, proceed to enroll. Submit your application through Seller Central, and if approved, you’ll be granted access to the program.

  • Receive Reviews

As an Amazon Vine seller, anticipate receiving up to 30 reviews for your enrolled products. This system ensures a fair and informative assessment of your products within the program.

How Can SellerSonar Help You Track Amazon Vine Voices Reviews? 

Reviews from Vine Voices often carry more weight and credibility among Amazon shoppers. Potential buyers may be more inclined to trust and act on the opinions of these elite reviewers, making their feedback crucial in shaping consumer perceptions. Thus, it’s critical to keep track of such reviews constantly. 

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What’s more, you can effortlessly keep an eye on Vine Voice reviews and filter them through other feedback. Thus, you can get strategic insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your product and use this information to optimize product listings, address common concerns, and highlight positive features that resonate with customers.

Additionally, you can set up “New Vine Review” alerts to be the first to know when a review drops for your product. It allows you to swiftly respond to feedback and capitalize on positive reviews, enhancing your product’s credibility and desirability.

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Taxes in Amazon Vine

Understanding the tax implications of participating in the program is crucial for sellers looking to maximize their benefits while ensuring compliance. By being aware of these key points and seeking professional advice when needed, sellers and reviewers can ensure compliance and a smooth experience within the program.

How taxes are handled in the program

  • Product Value vs. Gift

For tax purposes, it’s essential to distinguish between the products provided through Amazon Vine as a promotional activity and traditional gifts. Products are considered promotional items, and the tax treatment differs from that of gifts.

  • No Additional Cost to Reviewers

Reviewers receive products at no additional cost. Since these items are intended for review purposes and not for personal use, they are not considered taxable income to the reviewers.

  • Seller Responsibility

Sellers participating in the program are responsible for the product’s cost, including any associated taxes. However, since the products are provided for promotional purposes, sellers typically don’t need to report the cost as income on their tax returns.

  • Reviewers’ Tax Liability

Reviewers are not directly responsible for taxes related to the products they receive. As the items are promotional and intended for review purposes, they are generally not considered taxable income for the reviewers.

  • Record Keeping

Sellers should maintain meticulous records of their participation in the program, including the products provided, associated costs, and any communication related to tax implications. This documentation is valuable for potential tax inquiries or audits.

Cost of Amazon Vine

How much does the Amazon Vine program cost? Starting from October 19, 2023, Amazon has updated the fees for enrolling in the program.

Here’s how it works:

  • Amazon charges a one-time enrollment fee per main product (parent ASIN).
  • The fee depends on the number of units you enroll.
  • You’ll be billed seven days after the first review is published.

Fee Structure:

  • 1-2 units: $0
  • 3-10 units: $75
  • 11-30 units: $200

This new fee setup is beneficial for products with a limited number of reviews, especially those not exceeding 10. For instance, if you have 20 reviews, you’ll only be charged for 10 reviews, which amounts to $75. The maximum number of reviews eligible for enrollment in the Vine program is capped at 30.

Data Privacy in Amazon Vine

To join the Amazon Vine program, Voices are asked to share their social security number and additional tax details. This information is necessary for compliance with tax regulations and to facilitate accurate reporting of income associated with the program. Amazon ensures the confidentiality and secure handling of this information in line with privacy and legal standards.

Accessing Amazon Vine through the Mobile App

Unfortunately, as for now, the program is managed only through the Seller Central website, and Amazon Vine login via the mobile app is not available. The Vine Voices typically access their accounts and participate in the program through the Seller Central platform on a desktop or laptop computer.


And there you have it, dear reader. You’re now well-informed about the program and the advantages it offers for Amazon sellers. Leveraging a reviewer allows you to harness the program’s potential, enhancing your product’s visibility and credibility. As they say, the early bird catches the worm, so consider joining the Vine program promptly to make a significant impact in the online marketplace.

Additionally, keep an eye on your reviews and other metrics with SellerSonar to monitor and optimize your sales performance. 

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