Seller Sonar 2Staying on top of tendencies might seem overwhelming, tedious, and not worth all the efforts. But whether you like it or not, you need to stay ahead of the competition to scale your business.

There are millions of merchants out there trying to find a place under the sun on the market. Thus, you need to know what is coming and how customers behave to enjoy higher chances in this competition. 

Though it may seem like a lot of work to do, let’s keep in mind that strives to make digital commerce easy for both the shopper and the sellers, and looking for trending products on the platform isn’t an exception. So, don’t fret. It’s not impossible.

Let’s dive into Amazon trends together to understand what the tendencies are and how to how to sell things on Amazon effectively. 

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How to Sell Things on Amazon

What’s Trending on Amazon?

New, trending things are often the best items to sell for novice and experienced sellers on Amazon. In addition, these goods are getting an ongoing increase in sales.

Many businesses have different KPIs to measure whether a particular product is trending. Commonly then look at the item’s growth rate over a specified period, typically over a couple of months. Goods with a longer trend have faced a steady crease in sales going back years.

The platform never lacks a variety of trending items. Some of the niches that frequently enjoy strong growth trends among their products include:

  • Home
  • Beauty
  • Pet products
  • Toys
  • Fashion items
  • Electronics accessories

Such categories have periodic trends; however, usually, the specific goods that are trending change over time.  

Why Is It Crucial to Follow Amazon Trends?

Some merchants dive into Amazon trends head-on. However, suppose you have some experience with private-label goods and feel comfortable launching and marketing new items on the fly. In this case, you might have a lot of success developing items complementary or similar to the top trending items on the marketplace.

At the same time, even if you do not plan on actively chasing trends on Amazon, you can still benefit from your knowledge of them. For instance, maybe one of the goods would work well as a bundle with a hot item or as a complimentary piece. Or perhaps getting a feel for what tendencies occur at a different time of the year will get you an idea of how to create and promote future or current products. Regardless of the situation, spotting Amazon trends is a great research tool to better plan your business and boost Amazon conversion rates.

To cut a long story short, you will be able to identify some of the most efficient products to sell on the platform. Fortunately, there’re plenty of simple and effective methods to see how items perform on Amazon. Feel free to check them below.

How to Find Amazon Trending Products to Beat the Competition?

Trends aren’t hard to come by. 

The odds are that if you are involved in some industry, you may get a sense of what is trending now. Or at least you might be aware of how the world is moving regarding your category and what the latest advancements are. 

If you are starting in some new niche that you do not know a lot about, feel free to check a few tips to give you a boost.

Check the Best Sellers page to spot the most exciting opportunities

The first approach to identifying trending items is checking the Best Sellers page on The platform shows the top-performing products in each niche and lists them so that customers can promptly find the best options. Besides, the page is constantly updated, so you can see that many of the goods are trending.

How to Sell Things on Amazon

The Best Sellers section lists top items. However, it doesn’t provide further details. With SellerSonar, you can study critical sales metrics for the top listings to see if they’re good enough for your business.

Read magazines and newsletters

There’re a lot of options out there. Many of such newsletters and magazines are specific to particular industries. Therefore, it’s critical to stay sharp with what is happening in your market environment. 

By looking through the relevant sources regularly, you can quickly notice shifts in the clients’ and the market’s behavior and identify trends. 

Ask the suppliers

No one knows what products perform well and which ones are left behind better than the people who sell the merchandise. Remember that they offer goods for thousands of merchants like you, which means they have extensive knowledge of industry behavior and wish you to get more sales. At the end of the day, it translates into higher profits for them.

Keep in touch with them regularly to understand what is moving, which are the best sellers in the industry, and what will become a hit, not just in your state but in other parts of the globe. In addition, you may find some new trends that you will be the first to introduce into the market.

Check out novelty channels and social media

There are many platforms where sellers can check trending or upcoming items that customers are hooked on. Have you ever seen an Instagram post for a thing so innovative you want to get it right away? We all have. Instead, it is probably just to discover that it was a prototype and is never sold in your market. 

These are the types of content you should be on the lookout for. Think of what is fresh, new, and blowing clients’ minds? 

Suppose the goods are only sold abroad, good! Then, you will be able to launch them in your country.

If it is just a concept item, you may be able to spot a similar one that you can get to your category. 

Look for innovations, and they will pay off someday. We recommend you keep a close eye on the following places:

  • YouTube reviews
  • Instagram influencers

Check the trend report by Amazon

Whether you sell on this marketplace or not, it’s a good rule of thumb to check what is trending on

Amazon’s trend report for 2021 isn’t pervasive. But, at the same time, it’s the result of the sales analysis on the marketplace, so ‘true-to-life’ is a proper word to describe it. 

Check the trend report by Amazon

Tips for Selling Trending Products on Amazon

Below are some additional tips to consider when searching for in-demand items to sell on Amazon: 

Sell items that can become a line of many products

The first advice when considering trendy stuff is to sell something that you can use to develop a line of related goods. The idea here is that the more goods you have, the higher your chances of earning significant revenue are. The best merchants on Amazon usually have “star” items, but it’s rare that successful brands only sell one item.

After launching a successful item, you can commence extending your product line. It’s best to begin by presenting new variations to the existing goods. For instance, if you offer a white T-shirt, you may add a black one. It helps you leverage the success and momentum of your current items as they might be nested under one Amazon listing.

After that, you can create new goods if they’re similar to the ones you currently offer. For instance, if you sell a T-shirt in different colors, you may start offering a long-sleeve version. Of course, this item will get a separate Amazon listing and SKU, but it helps you expand your inventory and attract clients interested in your original products.

Improve decent goods

The next suggestion is to take an existing idea and enhance it to make a better offering for your clients. Good items are those that help to solve a certain pain point that your clients have. Because of this, most merchants start their product development cycle with a particular idea of something that their clients need. Later they perform a thorough analysis to confirm a clear interest in their product.

It demands collecting reviews from the target audience and understanding the scope of your industry. As soon as you get inputs from potential customers, you can create a product that satisfies all their requirements. By taking clients’ feedback into account when making your goods, you have the chance to stand out from all your rivals.

Check product reviews

Another method to get insights on what sells well and what does not for a certain item is to look through customer feedback for current Amazon listings. Clients will not be shy to share their complaints about a product and stress what should be better in their reviews. makes it simple to find the most helpful testimonials by allowing users to filter and sort based on rating. The platform also has a critical feedback filter that shows only those customers with negative reviews.

Be careful with seasonal items

If you wish to get ongoing sales on the platform, it’s recommended not to start with selling seasonal items. These are products that only bring in high sales during specific periods. For instance, if you offer holiday decorations, you probably will not get too many conversions during the middle of June.

When studying seasonality, it’s vital to know the difference between weakly seasonal and strongly seasonal items. The second category of products is items that are typically not even available on traditional platforms during most parts of the year. For example, Christmas lights like those mentioned above.

In turn, weakly seasonal goods are typically available during the whole year. However, their demand faces extreme fluctuations, making such products unviable for most merchants. For instance, swimsuits are usually available year-round, but most people don’t shop for them until spring.

Trendy Things: Last Pieces of Advice

Most Amazon merchants keep an eye on the sales and can easily catch obvious dips or spikes in a particular product. But not all such spikes are apparent, and a minor change in a product’s performance could mean a bigger global trend that may be easy to miss for a busy seller.

It makes monitoring Amazon’s tendencies crucial for business. At the same time, having all of the listing statistics presented clearly with simple monitoring software is also a significant asset. Even with just a tiny amount of time, you will be able to spot trends influencing your profit and business for better or worse. For instance, with SellerSonar, you can monitor changes to your product listings and get alerts for new sellers, reviews, Best Sellers RanHow to Sell Things on Amazonk (BSR) drops, etc. It will help to take informed action on them, concentrating more efforts on things that are working and looking for fixes to things that are not sustainable.

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