SellerSonar3You can earn good money from running your business on Amazon. However, your success in the marketplace depends very much on the category of goods you sell and the harshness of the competition. AMZ provides you access to most of the world as a global platform, assuming you can handle the logistics of supplying necessary items that people want at a competitive price. Not to include the fine art of delivering goods worldwide in these turbulent times, with some world shipping schedules in disarray.

Any Amazon sales estimator can help you spot profitable niches to sell in the marketplace. It will also give you an understanding of how other sellers will likely perform. But how to choose the right one? SellerSonar has your back with the best AMZ sales estimator services you can start using right now.

What Is Amazon Sales Estimator?

Amazon offers millions upon millions of items sold by millions of merchants from all over the globe. With many merchants offering goods and high traffic to the platform, competition is intense.

Your first step to maximizing your orders and profits is deciding which AMZ product you wish to sell. It’s easy to determine whether or not you wish to sell an item on the platform or how you can grow your profit levels compared to other merchants.

How? With an efficient Amazon sales estimator! Many free tools are easily available online. You just need to enter the product category and fill in the ranking. Next, your average order volume will be shown on the screen.

Why Use FBA Sales Estimator? 

Below are just some of the advantages of using an AMZ sales calculator to glean some insights:

  • Get a better understanding of how the market for your item is doing. You may aggregate similar goods to gain a picture of the overall marketplace.
  • Monitor similar competitor goods for pricing statistics. Wish to ensure your pricing is competitive? It is tough to track the competition manually. However, this process can be easily automated with an Amazon estimator.
  • Keep tabs on competitors’ orders in various marketplaces. Learn where to concentrate your marketing strategy. Should you look to overseas sales or focus on Canadian and American markets? You might spot a gap for some territories that are currently underserved.
  • Monitor a similar item to get profit forecasts. When you strive for more accurate predictions on how a new item will sell, the tool helps to have some baseline. Check out similar items for a guide to where you may end up.
  • Keep a better inventory. Avoid under or overstocking by watching demand levels across your marketplace.

Above are just five perks why you may want to utilize an Amazon sales estimator to get seller insights. A proper tool fills that critical gap, making your predictions more accurate and selling decisions more informed.

In addition, to see a bigger picture, you can use professional competitor tracking software like SellerSonar. With it, you can check how your product pages compare to competitor product listings: price, rating, and review quantity, as well as listing descriptions, bullet points, and images. Such features make it easy for you to notice where you have some potential to get selling points against other merchants.


How to Choose a Free Amazon Sales Estimator?

Find a service that can stop profitable categories.

If you’re planning to pick a good AMZ sales estimator or calculator, you would like to find the one with the ability to spot profitable product categories. You may use this tool to determine how many units an item will sell in each category. The sales volume can differ depending on the categories. In addition, you can monitor all niches and categories that provide the best sales potential for your Amazon store. Thus, the software will tell you how to grow the potential of your profitable product categories and help you enhance the performance of your business.

The service should be able to analyze the competition.

If you wish to be a successful AMZ seller, you must learn how to analyze your market competitors. You need to find out how many units other merchants can sell. The right AMZ sales estimator will tell you how many products you must sell on the platform to succeed. You need to be able to sell a particular amount of items, so your goods can reach the first page of the top keywords. Knowing the exact figures will help you find the complete potential for your Amazon store. 

You can utilize the best software with an automatic system.

It is another essential thing you must learn from the AMZ sales tracker. Some services on the web can use their machine-learning system to boost your AMZ ad ROI. Such an automatic system is specially developed to help you save a lot of money and time. You can use this service to boost your Amazon store’s performance automatically. All statistics will be processed in the system automatically, so you do not have to do any other things anymore.

5 Best Amazon Sales Estimators

AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout

If you’re searching for good AMZ sales data, you might want to look at AMZ Scout. It supports different marketplaces, including the UK, UK, Spain, India, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, and Italy. This tool has an excellent algorithm that analyzes high-ranked goods based on the sales volume over a specific period. Moreover, its algorithm won’t only depend on the selling volume. It will also consider other parameters, such as frequency of sales and individual orders.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

With Jungle Scout Sales Estimator, merchants can benefit by quickly accessing millions of product-selling data. In addition, it’s free to everyone and gives you a rough idea of your sales. Just go to their mobile application and website. Then, enter the details about the selling rank you wish to collect statistics on, the geographic region or market you want the selling estimates to be displayed, and the merchandise category. Such steps are easy and quick to calculate the average monthly sales so that you can track your competitors and succeed on the platform.

Unicorn Smasher

If you have checked out AMZ Tracker, you might have noticed a tab at the upper corner of the webpage for Unicorn Smasher. It’s a budget-friendly (re: free) option where sellers can save money and still get a proper idea of what their estimated orders may be. All you need to do is fill in your name and email to get the software. Then you can use it directly as a Chrome extension and receive the required information. While it’s lighter on features than other services, Unicorn Smasher’s most significant benefit is efficiency. You may say goodbye to endless spreadsheets if you only need brief guesstimates.

Unicorn Smasher

Helium 10

Helium 10

It is a free AMZ sales estimator that you may use to boost your store’s performance. Some recommended perks are available on this service, for instance, rank tracker, duplicate keyword eliminator, AMZ orders statistics, etc. You may save a lot of effort and time optimizing your items for AMZ’s algorithm. When does the marketplace have orders for your store? Helium 10 will help you determine it.



 It’s one of the most famous AMZ management tools today. HelloProfit is a one-stop business tracker for many sellers in the marketplace. You may look at this item now if you wish to track Amazon’s annual orders of specific goods. You can also get the Amazon holiday selling estimates by checking information for promo rebates, gross sales, and returns during the holiday or regular season. HelloProfit provides a free 21-day trial for all clients who wish to try some features and improve their store’s performance.

Amazon Sales Estimate: Final Thoughts

Knowing what selling goods could cost or bring you should underline every product choice you make on the platform. With one of the mentioned Amazon orders estimators, you can hone your product research and make an educated decision instead of throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

As soon as you settle on a tool, leverage it with SellerSonar to maximize your earnings on each sale. We have jam-packed it with product listing monitoring features that can help you to protect your orders in the marketplace. Try out for a 29-day free trial. No access to your Seller Central or credit card is needed.