Are you ready to make some mad bank during the next notoriously lucrative Black Friday week? If you’re struggling with the proper Amazon Black Friday strategy, you’ve come to the right place. This post is for everyone looking for last-minute selling tips to enhance AMZ sales this season. So read on and arm yourself with must-have practices!

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SellerSonar Black Friday

What Is Amazon Black Friday Sale? 

Black Friday is a famous holiday sales event that takes place on the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Last year, Amazon Black Friday online sales hit an impressive $8.9 billion, with nearly 90 million Americans buying online. 

‍These days, many brands, both small and large, provide Black Friday deals like free shipping and discounts. On Amazon, it’s one of the greatest sales events on the calendar. 

As an AMZ merchant, to provide Black Friday deals, you should meet the following criteria: 

  • Your product should be available for AMZ Prime Shipping.
  • Your product should be new.
  • Your product should have no rating or at least three stars.
  • Your product shouldn’t be offensive, inappropriate, or restricted.
  • Your product must follow AMZ customer review and pricing policies.

When Do Amazon Black Friday Deals Start? 

Black Friday 2023

In 2023, Black Friday falls on November 24th, right after Thanksgiving. 

However, Amazon’s “official” Black Friday sale week starts on November 17th and runs through to Cyber Monday. The Monday after Black Friday is called Cyber Monday, which falls on November 27th this year. 

Just like Black Friday, companies offer discounts to clients across different goods and services. 

As an Amazon merchant, it’s crucial to prepare and benefit from this season’s sales to grow sales and increase revenue on the platform.

Amazon Black Friday Deals: 15 Tips for Sellers

 Amazon Black Friday

Merchants know what a pain in the rear it might be to sell in Amazon’s marketplace holidays: there are so many issues to take care of. And then, when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, merchants are usually poorly equipped to manage the influx of traffic. 

With the essential tips below, you can succeed on the platform during the upcoming holidays.

Make informed decisions using past data for improved business outcomes

Take a good look at your Amazon Black Friday sales for the last 1-2 years. Then, utilize that data to make strategic and smart decisions for sales this year.

There’s a whole world of data on the platform’s sales dashboard. You should find the right set of data to make informed decisions. Such as:

  • Examine your sales data for the last few months and the last year or two. 
  • Spot the best-selling items in your portfolio as well as in your category.
  • Identify the peak sales days and goods that have the potential to perform well. 
  • Look at your competitor’s data and research metrics such as rankings, keyword positions, search volume, and CPC rates. Target your top-converting search terms in your product listings and PPC campaigns.

Pro tip: SellerSonar will help you stay informed about critical product changes in the marketplace. You will be notified as soon as the price of the monitored product changes, it loses the Buy Box, you get a new review, and so on. 

SellerSonarMoreover, competitor monitoring with SellerSonar allows you to track and analyze your competitors’ listings effortlessly. You can easily add their ASINs to your monitoring list and compare factors like price, rating, and review quantity. 


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Be savvy about sourcing goods

After your research, it is time to source your goods.

If you’re worried about how purchasing goods for Amazon Black Friday will impact your cash flow, you might negotiate with suppliers, especially when you have a longstanding connection with them. You may ask for a discount on larger orders or negotiate more favorable payment conditions, such as a smaller deposit to pay before shipment.

When sourcing goods from abroad, it’s also worth considering the currency’s value in the state you are purchasing from. If your currency is worth more to the merchant, think of asking for a discount. 

Utilize holiday analytics to offer exclusive deals and boost sales

Holiday-specific analytics offer valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences during the festive season. By analyzing data related to popular product categories, search trends, and historical sales performance, sellers can identify which products are likely to be in high demand. This information allows you to create targeted promotions and exclusive deals on items that are expected to perform well. By aligning your offers with consumer preferences, you increase the likelihood of driving higher sales and capturing a larger share of the holiday market.

Ship your inventory to FBA by critical dates for smooth sales and timely delivery

Brands often see massive growth in sales on Black Friday. For Amazon merchants, more buyers mean more products to stock. So, compile a list of your most popular items and expect even higher demand for those products to ensure enough stock is available for Black Friday.

Also, remember to keep your merchandise quantities up to date in AMZ Seller Central. The last thing you wish to do is list products as “available” when they are not, which can leave you with a bunch of disappointed clients.

To stock up on your products for Black Friday, you may even consider working with different supply chain professionals who can guide you with everything from vendor management and procurement.

Review restock limits and optimize your inventory management strategy

Sellers should carefully examine their restock limits, which determine how much inventory they’re allowed to send to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. It’s essential to understand these limits well in advance to ensure you can meet the heightened demand during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To optimize your inventory management, focus on high-demand products and allocate your resources accordingly.

Pro tip: Consider using inventory management software or tools to monitor stock levels and automate reordering processes.

For instance, SellerSonar listing monitoring tool will send you alerts when your items are out of stock or almost out of stock. This helps prevent stockouts, ensuring you have enough inventory to meet customer demands and capitalize on sales opportunities.

Optimize your product listings 

Though the platform doesn’t allow words such as ‘sale,’ ‘deals,’ ‘best,’ etc., in your product listings, you may still get your goods optimized for holidays. Just update the titles and descriptions with relevant keywords such as ‘party decor,’ ‘gifts,’ etc. 

Pro tip: You can use the SellerSonar tool to track keyword performance, identify high-ranking keywords from your competitor’s product pages and add them to your listings. By monitoring relevant keywords for your products, you can gauge their performance and visibility in search results. SellerSonar provides detailed insights into how your keywords rank, helping you optimize your listings for better discoverability.

Keyword rank tracker

Besides, optimize your product listing description with Amazon A+ content to make it holiday-friendly. It will grow your conversion rate.

Grow advertising budget

Usually, Amazon has been known as a destination for buying products. Now, AMZ is becoming a true destination for lead generation. Within an effective Black Friday strategy, content marketing is important and lucrative for those brand owners who know how to use it for their own marketing needs. Thus, it is crucial to make it work for your company and utilize the right AMZ policies and techniques to pay off. When advertising and marketing your Amazon store, ensure you employ the right methods and strategies to make the most of your increased budget.

Plan strategic promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday events

Consider offering time-limited discounts, bundle deals, or exclusive offers to entice shoppers. Leverage Amazon’s advertising tools, such as Sponsored Products and Lightning Deals, to increase visibility for your discounted products. Crafting compelling messaging and using high-quality visuals can help highlight the value of your promotions, ultimately driving higher conversion rates and sales. Additionally, consider cross-promoting related products to encourage higher average order values and provide additional value to your customers.

Consider coupons and lightning deals

Companies increasingly turn to coupons, giveaways, and lightning deals to drive traffic and produce brand awareness. It is in your best interest to release coupons and discounts when the demand and timing are right. With so many methods for creating sales, coupons are a worthy opportunity to stimulate sales and attract customers’ attention. Still, they need investment in effort and time upfront to get an effective result.

Use social media for advertising your Amazon deals

Throughout November, publish on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and your company website (if you have one) on the days leading up to your best Amazon Black Friday deals. Do not overload visitors with content. However, posting a few days before and on the Black Friday days will help bring traffic to your AMZ store.

Do not be shy to market your sales, and ensure to use the proper hashtags where appropriate. Think beyond the box and don’t use the simple hashtags of CyberMonday and BlackFriday, which have around 10 million posts. Utilizing those will not help your posts stand out at all. Instead, be strategic and add more unique ones with 10,000 or fewer publications.

Here are some relevant hashtags for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that sellers can copy and paste for their posts: BlackFridaySpecials, BlackFridayGiveaway, BlackFridayAmazon, BlackFridayDiscount, BlackFridayOffers, BlackFridayMadness. Use them and whatever tags are appropriate to your Amazon store and brand.

Enhance marketing efforts targeting Gen Z and Millennials

Tailoring your marketing strategies to resonate with younger demographics, such as Gen Z and Millennials, involves understanding their preferences and behaviors. Utilize visually appealing content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat to capture their attention. Collaborate with influencers who have a strong presence among these demographics to amplify your brand message. Authenticity and relatability are key factors in engaging younger audiences, so focus on storytelling and user-generated content to establish a genuine connection. By adapting your marketing approach to cater to these tech-savvy demographics, you increase the likelihood of capturing their interest and driving conversions.

Provide free shipping

Buyers flock to AMZ because it is convenient, so you need to avoid putting obstacles in their way. During Black Friday, when customers are likely to purchase several goods online, all those shipping charges can be off-putting. Providing free shipping might just give you the competitive edge you need over other sellers. Amazon states free shipping may also improve your chances of getting the Buy Box.

Ask for after-sale reviews

Feedback will improve your business, build trust in your AMZ store, and see you through future Black Friday and holiday season events. Moreover, positive feedback gives you more justification to charge more for your merchandise. It might be the difference between you getting a sale over your competitor selling a similar item with less-than-stellar reviews.

Pro tip: Use SageMailer to automate the process of review and feedback generation. The tool utilizes the “Request a Review” button in Seller Central, so it is safe and 100% compliant with AMZ rules.

Be prepared to provide exceptional client service

Most of your Black Friday buyers might be first-time clients. Therefore, it is the perfect chance to deliver exceptional client service to entice them to return and buy with you again.

Excellent customer service might be as simple as providing prompt (if not instant) replies to their questions. You may also go one step further by dispatching out personalized “thank you” messages with each shipment. However, to really go the extra mile, try providing expedited shipping or gift services.

Remember: If you are not prepared, a huge spike in holiday sales might come at the cost of proper customer service and ruin your reputation. So be ready to allocate extra resources there if needed. You may even utilize an AMZ virtual assistant to help you manage your increased client service needs during the holiday shopping season.

Stay up to date with Amazon policies and regulations to avoid any issues

Regularly check for updates or announcements on Amazon’s Seller Central, especially in the lead-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This ensures you are aware of any new guidelines or requirements that may impact your selling activities. Adhering to platform policies helps prevent potential issues or penalties that could disrupt your sales during these critical events.

Amazon Black Friday Sale: Final Thoughts

The holiday season may be competitive and hectic for merchants. However, it also brings many opportunities to maximize your profits.

Following our top tips for a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the marketplace, we will smash sales and outperform your competitors! If it sounds overwhelming, don’t fret. We will be happy to help you boost your Amazon Black Friday marketing strategy.

Take advantage of the demo to experience firsthand how SellerSonar can revolutionize your Amazon experience.

What are some tips for finding the best deals on Amazon during Black Friday?

What are some tips for finding the best deals on Amazon during Black Friday?
How can I stay updated with Amazon’s Black Friday deals and promotions?

How can I stay updated with Amazon’s Black Friday deals and promotions?
Are there any specific strategies for maximizing savings during Amazon’s Black Friday sale?

Are there any specific strategies for maximizing savings during Amazon’s Black Friday sale?
How can I ensure I don’t miss out on the best deals during Amazon’s Black Friday sale?

How can I ensure I don’t miss out on the best deals during Amazon’s Black Friday sale?