Selling online has been smoother and more rewarding, thanks to SellerSonar’s exciting July updates! We’re thrilled to unveil these simple yet powerful features designed to enhance your e-commerce journey. Let’s dive into what’s new. 

Competitors Notifications

Competitors Notifications

Keep an eye on your competitors’ moves effortlessly by clicking on the right bell icon to set your preferences. Get real-time updates on their product listings, helping you make informed decisions to stay ahead in the marketplace. These notifications are conveniently accessible on the Notifications page (left bell) and delivered straight to your inbox, ensuring you never miss a beat. Please note that this feature is available exclusively for Pro and Premium plans. 

Keyword Import

Keyword Import


Simplify your keyword management with SellerSonar’s keyword import feature. Now, you can easily add keywords to multiple products at once. Download the template file, fill it with your desired keywords, and seamlessly import them into SellerSonar. Say goodbye to manual keyword input and embrace the power of streamlined monitoring for all your products.

Buy Box Winners Chart and Exportable Report

Buy Box Winners Chart

Buy Box Winners Chart

Knowing the Buy Box dynamics is crucial for increasing your product’s visibility and sales potential. Our Buy Box Winners chart visually compares top-performing sellers by showing which seller wins the Buy Box during the day and how often as a percentage. 

Buy Box Winners Chart

Buy Box Winners Chart

For your convenience, you can get an exportable report with comprehensive information on products, marketplaces, sellers, and Buy Box win rates. Thus, you can uncover which sellers are winning the Buy Box during the day and how often to analyze their strategies, learn from the best, and improve your own chances of winning that coveted spot.

BSR Position Alerts

BSR Position Alerts

BSR Position Alerts

Best Sellers Rank is a critical metric for gauging a product’s popularity and sales performance. With SellerSonar’s latest update, you’ll never miss a beat regarding your BSR. We will keep you informed and on top of your game by notifying you whenever your product’s BSR position changes by 25% or more. For this, don’t forget to turn BSR alerts in your Settings. Also, you can stay focused on what matters most with separate alerts for your main product category and subcategories. This proactive approach helps you stay ahead of market fluctuations, adjust your marketing efforts, and implement strategies to maintain or improve BSR and attract more customers.

Top Phrases Division into Positive and Negative

Top Phrases Division

Top Phrases Division

Understanding customer feedback is crucial for improving products and customer satisfaction. With the division of top phrases into positive and negative categories, you can easily identify recurring themes in reviews. It allows you to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, address customer concerns, and improve products. Ultimately, it helps to enhance your product’s reputation and build better relationships with customers.

Top Phrases Division into Male and Female 

Knowing your audience is essential for effective marketing. With the division of top phrases into gender-based categories, you can gain insights into how your products are perceived by male and female customers differently. Armed with this information, you can tailor your marketing strategies and product offerings to target specific demographics more effectively, increasing customer engagement and conversions.

Summary of Weekly Updates

Summary of Weekly Updates

SellerSonar’s weekly summary

No more drowning in a sea of notifications! With SellerSonar’s weekly summary as emails, you get a clear, concise overview of all alerts received throughout the week. Stay organized and informed without feeling overwhelmed by constant updates and the need to log in to the platform constantly.

Our update highlights the percentage of critical alerts, ensuring you can prioritize and address urgent matters immediately. Keep your business protected and optimized, no matter what challenges arise. It also provides you with a percentage breakdown of alerts across categories. Thus, you can quickly identify the areas demanding your attention, be it changes in product listings, new customer reviews, or potential hijacker issues.

Demo Account and Presentation

With our Demo account, you can dive into the platform’s features and functionalities, gaining valuable insights into how SellerSonar can optimize your e-commerce business. Moreover, we invite you to share the link with your friends and fellow sellers, empowering them to benefit from the service as well. Finally, to take your understanding of SellerSonar to the next level, you can schedule a personalized call with one of our expert team members, who will walk you through every feature, answering any questions you might have. Uncover pro tips, receive tailored recommendations, and unlock the full potential of your online business.

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At SellerSonar, we constantly listen to your needs and strive to improve our service. We value your input, and our team is diligently working to bring you even more exciting updates and features in the future.

So, dive into the world of data-driven decision-making, optimize your listings, and elevate your e-commerce success with our service. Your success is our success, and we can’t wait to see your business thrive with SellerSonar by your side. Let’s grow together!

SellerSonar features 

SellerSonar is an all-in-one product listing monitoring software that helps merchants stay aware of all listing changes, Buybox hijackers, new/deleted reviews, keyword rank history, and product suppressions with 24/7 notifications and daily or weekly reports. 

For instance, you can get alerts when your product is running low on stock to prevent stockout and missed sales opportunities. There are ‘out of stock,’ ‘almost out of stock,’ (including how many items are left), and ‘in stock’ notifications for you to make sure your goods are always available for sale. 

Alert ‘out of stock,’ ‘almost out of stockThis is just a taste of what SellerSonar has to offer. To explore the features firsthand, feel free to check out our demo or schedule a live meeting with our expert. 

Now let’s explore some of its additional services

SellerSonar’s powerful keyword rank tracker enables sellers to monitor the performance of their keywords in real-time. You can quickly check how many of your keywords are in the Organic top 10, 50, Ad top 10, or have Organic Amazon Choice badges. Thus, you can gain valuable insights into your product’s visibility and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

Keyword rank tracker

SellerSonar keeps you informed about customer feedback by providing review and rating alerts. Instant notifications allow you to promptly address any negative reviews or low ratings, enabling you to maintain a positive online reputation and improve customer satisfaction. 

Review Alerts

Moreover, with SellerSonar, you can easily stay aware of deleted reviews. You will get an instant AMZ alert to report the possible scam to Amazon, saving your reputation from damage.

Deleted reviews

The free FBA calculator offered by SellerSonar is a valuable tool for Amazon sellers. It provides comprehensive insights into the costs associated with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). By inputting product details such as dimensions, weight, and selling price (or just the link to any Amazon product), you can accurately calculate your net profit and determine the profitability of your FBA inventory. 

FBA Calculator

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and hello to SellerSonar’s all-in-one solution. From effortlessly handling stock monitoring to keeping a close eye on your product listings, SellerSonar simplifies your tasks and helps you achieve peak performance. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your Amazon business – take advantage of the 29-day trial and experience the SellerSonar difference today. Trust us; you won’t want to go back to your old ways once you see what SellerSonar can do for you.