Seller Sonar 2If you are a customer or merchant on Amazon, you must have seen Amazon’s Choice label. But have you ever wondered what Amazon’s Choice means and the point of setting this label under the item title? Why are merchants so hyped up about it?

It was developed to control clients’ purchases with the advanced adoption of voice technology and Alexa’s undeniable impact on the market. However, nowadays, this label has altered its meaning on Amazon, and it has significant importance for merchants.

The following guide will give you more information about Amazon’s Choice, including Amazon Choice’s meaning, which will help you understand it more clearly and precisely.

What Is Amazon’s Choice? 

Amazon's Choice Mean

So, what does Amazon’s Choice mean? Let’s dive into Amazon Choice’s meaning. First, it is a label provided to AMZ listings that best matches a certain keyword. It was developed to provide buyers with highly relevant and reliable search results using voice assistants. Thus, it reduces the necessity to filter or scroll search results, which might be hard on voice-based gadgets.

The label is also available on both desktop and mobile. This black badge appears in the upper-left corner of an item’s featured image on the category page and in search results.

For every search term, only one item can be awarded this badge. As well as fitting the keyword, the listing must contain positive reviews and have more than 50% of all sales from the relevant keyword. If no item has a majority of sales, no badge will be granted.

Product listings with the label should also have competitive pricing and be available to dispatch immediately.

Amazon Choice vs. Best Seller

You shouldn’t confuse this badge with the Best Seller one. Although they both mean that an item is popular and high-quality, these labels are granted using different metrics.

The AMZ Choice badge boosts product listings that best fit a certain keyword, while the Best Seller badge is assigned to goods that sell the most units per hour in their product category.

In other words, AMZ Choice recipients are decided by quality checks, SEO, and long-term sales. The Best Seller label is given based on trending selling volumes.

3 Things You Should Know: Is Amazon’s Choice Reliable?

  • It is keyword dependent. For example, when you search for lava rock stone, lava rock steak, or lava rock oven in the marketplace, you always get the product on the first results page. However, this product will not always be Amazon’s Choice for this exact search phrase.
  • It is only available for Prime-eligible offers that are in stock. It does not mean the customer will order a Prime item, with or without the Buy Box. However, it shows that one FBA item alone (even if it is a competitor one) can impact the badge’s continuity. 
  • Unlike the Best Seller badge, you do not need tremendous sales volume and velocity to get it. Nonetheless, you must do your best to ensure your item brings new Prime shoppers who trust AMZ recommendations and are limited in time to spend scrolling and comparing offers.

Benefits of Amazon’s Choice Products

The biggest advantage of having the badge is better traffic and conversion rates. Some say that items with the label get twice as much visitor traffic as those that don’t.

This badge then also allows you to enhance the conversion rate because of the additional element of social proof. Once your item comes with an AMZ recommendation, shoppers tend to stay more comfortable going through with this purchase.

Higher traffic, plus better conversion rates, means more sales. Thus, when goods have the Amazon’s Choice Badge, sellers can expect an excellent bump in revenue.

How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge?  

Concentrate on keywords

As it originally began as a method to streamline voice search, this badge focused heavily on proper keywords and items that matched certain very specific keyword searches. For example, consider the difference between ‘haircutters’ and ‘hair clippers.’ They are very similar things. However, one will show an AMZ Choice item, and one will not. So, if you have been loosening on keyword research, now is the perfect time to master it. 

How to check your keyword rank on Amazon?

First, try SellerSonar to get as many insights as possible. Our tool analyzes AMZ listings and keyword rankings according to your added keywords. As a result, you get a dashboard with data-driven information on keyword search results and ad and organic ranks. Thus, you can stay aware of any changes in the search performance of your products to optimize your SEO.

SellerSonar Dashboard

Bring up your client rating

If the metrics are lower, you will probably not receive a badge until you get them back up. AMZ is vouching for particular goods as being the right option for its clients, and a proper seller rating shows less may go wrong anywhere. However, on the other hand, if you are a bestseller for that item in your category and keep a lower return rate compared to other similar items, you are doing fine.

Stay Prime-eligible

If your items are not Prime-eligible, there is no way you can obtain an Amazon’s Choice label.

If you hover the cursor over this badge, part of the words contains ‘available to deliver immediately.’ Your goods should be in stock and ready to arrive on an individual’s doorstep within a few days. And Prime is a simple way of providing it.

Keep competitive prices

Another part included in the AMZ Choice badge’s slogan, if you hover over it, is ‘well-priced products.’ It’s a vague definition because it’s hard to tell what a well-priced product is. Prices are dynamic and always fluctuate, so it’s impossible to pinpoint what falls into the ‘well-priced category. But when you use a great pricing tracking tool, you put the odds in your favor.

Generate positive user reviews

Here it is if you ever require a reason to begin caring about earning more (positive) reviews. To be regarded for an AMZ Choice badge, you should show that previous buyers thought highly of your items and services. Most of your testimonials should be in the 4 and 5-star category, which is why it is so important to:

  • Hurry to get reviews from clients.
  • Go the extra mile to try changing negative reviews into more positive ones through proper client communication.
  • Use Amazon’s Request a Review functionality.
  • Leverage third-party tools like SageMailer to put the feedback management process on auto-pilot

6. Utilize FBA 

Amazon cares much about its bottom line and profits. The platform is developed to encourage and promote reliable and successful sellers. The merchants who bring lots of money in for the platform and who keep AMZ clients happy.

To get the AMZ Badge, you should keep shoppers happy, which comes down to delivering free and fast shipping. Thus, with FBA.

Amazon makes sure that FBA provides clients with the best quality fulfillment and shipping. When an item is shipped with Amazon FBA, the marketplace has confidence that it will provide the highest level of fulfillment buyers expect today. That is why it will take you one step closer to the badge.

It brings us to the end of today’s article. Keep in mind that the perks of the AMZ Choice badge are difficult to quantify as it passes on promptly from one item to the next. However, merchants would be wrong to underestimate the significance of this feature during this holiday season and beyond. 

So, are you serious about obtaining this badge for your Amazon listings? Then you should go to a tool to help enhance your product pages.

SellerSonar, an ultimate product tracking service, can help you accomplish this feat. With so many features, winning that coveted badge has never been easier. Sign up for a 29-day free trial!

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