Seller Sonar 1Client service is the core of any business. It’s even more critical for eCommerce, as you do not have the personal interactions that brick-and-mortar shops have with their clients.

It might be hard to deliver personal customer service for eCom businesses. Even more, if you are based on Amazon, as the platform puts particular roadblocks between you and the shopper.

Amazon’s messaging service is their method of enabling communication between sellers and their customers. We will use this blog post to explain exactly what this solution is and how you can use it to grow your business in the marketplace.

What Are Buyer-Seller Messages on Amazon?

What Are Buyer-Seller Messages on Amazon?

The Buyer-Seller Messaging service enables merchants to reach their clients directly on the AMZ platform.

Its interface functions just like any other email. However, the system encrypts both the merchant’s and the buyer’s address, displaying up as [email protected] (for instance).

It allows both sides to communicate without their conversation transferring onto some private channel.

The platform moderates the content of the merchant’s messages. Per their rules and guidelines, sellers cannot include links to any external websites or AMZ product listings, and they can’t add any marketing messages, referrals, or promotions to third-party deals or products.

Buyer-Seller Messaging is for issues relating to a certain order, dispute, or question. Therefore, attempting to move the conversation to another place or market to the client in any way will put you in clear violation of Amazon’s TOS.

What Are Buyer-Seller Messages on Amazon?

Advantages of Using Amazon Seller Message 

The main perk of using the AMZ Buyer-Seller Messaging system is the simplicity of communication between customer and merchant.  Here are some other perks of using this solution:

  • Better customer service: With Amazon Seller Messages, sellers can quickly respond to customer inquiries and provide exceptional customer service, resulting in happier customers and more positive reviews.
  • Increased sales: Timely and effective communication with customers can help increase sales by addressing their concerns and queries in a timely manner. Additionally, sending targeted messages to customers who have abandoned their carts can help sellers recover lost sales.
  • Improved product reviews: Amazon Seller Messages can be used to follow up with customers after a sale and encourage them to leave a product review. This can help improve the seller’s product reviews and increase their visibility on Amazon.
  • Compliance with Amazon policies: Amazon has strict policies regarding communication between sellers and buyers. By using Amazon Seller Messages, sellers can ensure that they are complying with these policies and avoid any penalties.
  • Personalized messages: Amazon Seller Messages allows sellers to send personalized messages to their customers, which can help build stronger relationships and increase customer loyalty.
  • Higher customer engagement: Amazon Seller Messages can be used to engage customers through promotional offers, product launches, and other marketing initiatives. It can help increase customer engagement and drive more sales for the seller.

How to Activate Buyer-Seller Messages on Amazon? 

The first essential thing to understand is that the messaging system only works if the FBA merchant activates this service in their Seller Central. If you have not done so already, here is how to easily turn on the feature:

  • Head to the drop-down menu in your “Settings” (in the top-right-hand corner of the Seller Central account) and choose “Fulfillment By Amazon.”
  • Under “Product Support,” pick the “Edit” button.
  • Choose “Enable” for any AMZ marketplaces where your items are sold, and you want to activate Amazon’s messaging system (for example,,
  • Next, click “Update.”  

Remember that if you use this system, your Contact Response Metrics will be monitored and tracked by Amazon. Take time to learn how such metrics are measured so that you can keep excellent response times. You can also deactivate the messaging system if you know you will be on vacation or cannot respond to emails. However, as mentioned earlier, it will only deactivate this service for future purchases, and you might still receive emails from clients who have bought from you in the past.

Besides, if you are going on a vacation or cannot view your Buyer Seller Messages, you can choose to list the service as “Inactive.” However, doing so won’t deactivate the service. Keep in mind, though, that “Contact Response Time Expectations” will still be at play for clients who have already purchased your goods before you are away.

How to Use Buyer-Seller Messages on Amazon Effectively?

Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging system has its limits, and you shouldn’t ignore them. However, there are many methods you can utilize such messages to provide necessary client service and communication related to your product listings.

If you are selling via FBA, it is still a valuable tool for managing shopper expectations and, thus, reducing returns. But if you use FBA, check out how to get the most value out of the system in front of you.

Solve problems that may result in bad reviews

Buyer-seller emails are an excellent way to clear up client issues behind closed doors.

Poor seller feedback can harm your store’s reputation, and negative reviews are even worse. On the other hand, a few poor reviews can end up in a ton of sales for an item in a competitive niche.

Often, issues that lead to bad reviews or feedback can easily be resolved, whether by offering a replacement product or refund or even giving a little extra information or assistance to the client. The cost of a replacement product is a lot less than the effect of negative social proof from a poor review.

Reply timely

It is critical to note that AMZ tracks your response time to emails. The summary adds up to the Performance Metrics tab on your Seller Central profile. You will be able to find your:

  • Rate of replies in less than 24 hours
  • Percentage of replies over 24 hours
  • Percentage of emails not replied to (and not checked as “no response needed”)
  • Average response time

While AMZ says that response metrics do not impact your seller permissions, they likely regard it as part of your standing. If you ever make a mistake or have a problem that might result in a suspension or ban, a history of rapid response times might help your case.

Leverage an autoresponder tool

Many merchants use automated follow-up services like SageMailer that integrate with Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging solution. With such tools, you can thank clients for their purchase or request seller feedback or product review.

Most clients do not think to share a review unless there is something unusual about their purchase (negative or positive). So, for the great percentage of clients you have who purchase an item and leave satisfied, a little request for a review or reminder can go a long way.

Autoresponders are useful because they save you much time you would otherwise spend mailing everything yourself. Besides, you can schedule emails to be sent at the right time in the purchasing process. For instance, you wish to wait until enough time has passed for your clients to try your items before requesting a review.

There is still a great amount you cannot do with autoresponder tools. Nevertheless, they still save a sizeable chunk of your time. And time is money!

Marketing with Amazon Messaging System

Amazon sets a tight lid on promotion in any email to an AMZ customer. Your letters cannot include any links at all, whether in plain text or hyperlinks, and they cannot include marketing messages or promotions. So, you cannot even promote the goods you sell in the marketplace or link to an AMZ page.

However, you can put your brand’s logo in the email if it does not contain a link.

It gives you a shot at appreciating the advantages of relationship marketing. Including your logo in the emails will show the buyers they are not buying from Amazon—they are purchasing from you. Now you have an opportunity to create a loyal client!

There is just one issue: most customers will only email you when something goes wrong. So you absolutely should provide exceptional client service to shift that negative experience into a positive one.

When you can do that, the perks will be immense. You may at least expect to enhance your AMZ seller rating. If things go well, the buyer may even look for you on the platform when shopping in the future—or search Google to check if your brand has a website of its own, letting you sell to them commission-free.

Amazon Messages from Seller: Communication is Key

Do not let the distant interface of the online platform prevent you from keeping in touch with your clients and delivering them a top-notch client experience. The combination of AMZ Buyer-Seller Messaging solution and your own professional and friendly touch can leave your buyers feeling truly taken care of and will help you outperform your competitors — for the better.

And don’t forget to track your Amazon environment to see the bigger picture and respond to your customers’ requirements. SellerSonar allows you to stay aware of all listing changes, new and deleted reviews, keyword rank history, Buybox hijackers, and listings suppressions with smart AMZ alerts.

Register for a free 29-day trial to learn how you can benefit from the service.