SellerSonarShoppers on Amazon are used to fast and even fastest delivery. Therefore, it’s a rule of a thumb for every Amazon seller to process orders quickly. In the majority of the cases, the sales process goes smoothly. A shopper adds a product to the cart, then a seller processes the order and gets their money. Ideally, it takes 30 minutes from the moment your customer places the order until you can fulfill it. Afterward, you can send it.

However, if there is an issue, for instance, with the customer’s credit card, the sales process can take longer than expected. In that case, your orders get “Pending” status. Unfortunately, you can’t change this status manually, since the order is inactive. The ball is on Amazon’s side.

As you know, for a seller, delayed order is a problem. Customers get unhappy and you may get a negative review. So what do you do then? How to get the pending order moving?

Read further to find out why Amazon orders are pending, how to see pending orders on Amazon, and what to do when you have pending orders on Amazon.

What Does Pending Order Mean?

Amazon order ‘Pending’ status means that the platform has put a product on hold. Any time when a shopper places an order, Amazon delays orders for 30 minutes. This happens to give a customer sufficient time to cancel the order, as the case may be.

In the meantime, Amazon attempts to authorize the shopper’s credit card. During this period, the order remains in Pending status. In a regular case, this process takes a couple of minutes. On the other hand, if there’s an issue with the buyer’s payment method, the verification process can last for as long as 21 days.

Importantly, there’s no possibility to fulfill an order until its status changes from Pending to Unshipped.

Amazon pending orders

Amazon pending orders

How Does the Amazon Order Process Work?

Whenever your shopper on Amazon adds an item to their shopping cart and checks out, Amazon processes their order according to the fixed procedure. However, if in the process of order verification anything does wrong, delays can occur. Thus, such orders remain in the Pending status.

Amazon order process steps

Step 1. The customer adds a product to a shopping cart.
Step 2. Amazon places the order in Pending status.
Step 3. Pending Amazon order turns gray (non-actionable) in Manage Orders. Amazon holds an order for 30 minutes in case the customer wants to cancel it.
Step 4. Amazon verifies the order and the shopper’s payment method.
Step 5. If payment verification is a success, the order’s status changes to Unshipped. If verification or any other process goes wrong, Amazon changes the status to Pending.
Step 6. When the status becomes Unshipped, Amazon forwards a notification to the shopper with the expected delivery date.
Step 7. Amazon sends an order notification to a seller.
Step 8. Seller processes and fulfills the order (or cancels it).

Why Are Amazon Orders Pending?

The most common reason why your order gets Pending status is that Amazon couldn’t obtain authorization for the shopper’s credit card.

In addition, a pending order may indicate that Amazon prepares and processes the order. In certain cases, Amazon’s processing in their fulfillment centers can take a couple of days. Sometimes, your order status can switch to Pending during a busy Holiday season, as well as during peak sales periods – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Amazon Prime day.

Reasons for Amazon seller pending orders

  • Amazon couldn’t verify the customer’s payment method;
  • buyer hasn’t completed the order;
  • a shopper has qualified for the free shipping of multiple items, and it takes time for Amazon to gather them (if an order is FBA);
  • the order consists of several products and one of them is out of stock (if an order is FBA).

Why can Amazon digital orders pend?

As a matter of fact, digital products can also get Pending status. Despite these items don’t need any packing and shipping, they also can be delayed.

If a shopper orders a digital product and haven’t received a digital code, most likely the order is pending. Same way as with physical products, digital items may encounter payment issues or a prolonged verification process.

On top of this, some digital purchases need additional processing time. According to Amazon, they take this time to protect buyers’ personal information and prevent fraudulent orders.

If after 4 hours a customer hasn’t received a code, chances are that it’s in a Pending status.

What to Do with Amazon Pending Orders?

If the order status is still pending for more than an hour, Amazon recommends sellers to contact customer support.

In the case when the shopper contacts you directly. tell them to contact Amazon Customer Service as well.

In addition, merchants shouldn’t ship a pending order, even though the shopper may ask you to do so. You can’t confirm the shipment of an order until it becomes Unshipped.

How to Find a Pending Order?

In order to check your orders that have a Pending status, sign in to your Seller Central. On the Manage Orders page click the Pending tab. You can find all pending orders that Amazon should fulfill on the View FBA orders tab.

Pending orders will neither show up on your Orders report nor on Unshipped Orders Report. In the meantime, your inventory will reflect the order.

Amazon pending order

Amazon pending order

Is It Possible to Cancel a Pending Order?

Sellers can cancel an order until they send out the product. As soon as the payment method has been verified, the Confirm shipment and Cancel order buttons will be active in Manage Orders. Also, the order will display in both the Orders Report and the Unshipped Orders Report. At this point, you can ship or cancel the order.

To do so, navigate to Manage Orders. After that, choose Cancel Order in the Action column.

Specify the reason why you cancel the order, and click Submit. Once done, the shopper will get an automatic notification.

Professional sellers can cancel orders in bulk with the help of the Order Cancellation file.

Wrap Up

It’s not a secret that if a shopper doesn’t receive their product on time, they may leave a negative review. And though in the case if a product gets pending it’s virtually not your fault, and you may ask Amazon to remove it, it still takes your time and nerves. Therefore, it’s a good idea to proactively monitor pending orders. Any time you detect a pending order, contact Amazon service support.

Of course, efficient inventory management is very important to increase customer satisfaction and reduce your storage costs. However, this is insufficient for your success on Amazon. It’s paramount to know whether your product performance is efficient. To maximize your sales volumes, it’s necessary to constantly keep track of all your product’s metrics. By doing that, you can control your sales indicators and overall store profitability.

Amazon monitoring software is an efficient way to stay on top of your sales. SellerSonar offers instant Amazon alerts to protect your sales. With us, you are aware of all listing changes, Buy Box hijackers, new/deleted reviews, keyword rank history, and product suppressions.

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